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chonprasit radiator repair service

Start with copper and brass CPS radiator repair service, with our technicians, who have more than 20 years of experience in repairing any sort of copper and brass radiator. No matter how small or big of radiator, we can repair it. Normally if the radiator is the original part from the car assembly factory, where the top and bottom cover are made from black plastic, we will provide a brass top and bottom cover instead, so we can manufacture copper and brass CPS radiator and assemble with the brass top and bottom cover because the aluminium radiator core with plastic cover, that we can't repair them. However for a big radiator, the top and bottom cover are made from steel, and use bolts and nuts to attach the radiator with the covers. This type will be easier to repair as we can just do the leak test to see the position that it leaks and then fix it from outside. Or if the radiator seem to be too old and start to get rusted, then we will suggest to exchange radiator core.

For aluminium product, such as Oil cooler or intercooler, or Aluminium radiator, we will start with identity the current appearance of the cooler first, then do the leak test using pressure (each type of prodcut will use difference preassure level). After identify all the leak point then we will start doing the cutting and then weld from inside. to keep the outside appearance look the same, no damage to the oil cooler core or intercooler core. However for aluminium radiator, that would be a little bit different ,because with the thickness of the radiator tube which will is very thin and also the previous usage time, sometime it is better to replace a new radiator core or remake a completely new radiator.

CPS Repair Sample work Copper and Brass

CPS radiator repair service

This radiator is being repaired and in assembly process.

CPS Repair Aluminium oil cooler Service Sample

CPS oilcooler repair service

As shown in the picture, the oil cooler still look the same, but the leak is fixed.