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Exchange Cooler Core service

chonprasit radiator repair service

With this service, we provide a core for copper and brass radiator core, Aluminium radiaotr core, Aluminium Oil cooler core, Aluminium Intercooler core.

For copper and brass radiator core exchange, we can make it done just with in half a day if the radiator is already in stock, however it would take up to a day.

For All aluminium product, every product will have to manufacutre first which will need a longer time to get job done, but evreything will be done with in 15 days. The oil cooler that we normally exchange oil cooler cores are those oil cooler for hydrualic oil cooler and the air screw pump oil cooler. The Working process in Exchange original core with our CPS oil cooler core is first we cut the top and bottom cover and make it ready to attach with a new core that will manufacutre. This processes are similar with for exchanging intercooler core. And after all manufacture and assembly, we then do the leaking test. Every single unit of radiator oil cooler and intercooler will being test and 100% no leakage before delivery.

CPS Exchange Radiator core Sample work Copper and Brass

chonprasit exchange big radiator core service

Sample of big radiator exchange care service, there are four radiator core and make it up to one big radiator. we took picture with our technician to compare height of radiator.

CPS Exchange Aluminium oil cooler core Sample work

chonprasit exchange oilcooler core service

This exchange oil cooler core, is one good sample where we change only one side of oil cooler, so you don't have to buy all new oil cooler. We just change the section that have leakage problem only.