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Car Radiator

CPS car radiator

For a car radiator, we provide a wide range of radiator core, and also a complete radiator. But mostly we will not have a complete radiator in stock. Because there are so many types and car brand out there in the market. So what we can do is stock just some of the radiator brand, and other than that will will manufacture after we get an order, which only take half a day to finish.

We have Europe car radiator such as Ford radiator, Benz Radiator, BMW Radiator, Chev Radiator, Peugeot Radiator, Chrysler Radiator, Audi Radiator, etc.

We have Japan car radiator, such as Toyota Radiator, Nissan Radiator, Mitsubishi Radiator, Mazda Radiator, Honda Radiator, Kie Radiator, Isuzu Radiator, Volvo Radiator, Daihatsu Radiator, etc.

With radiator prodcut, we have a wide range of sizes and thickess, 1 - 8 Rows of radiators, and two types of Fin, Corrugate fin radiator and Flat fin radiator

Lastly there are two type of radiator that we can provide. First one is copper and brass radiator, this type of radiator is mainly provide for radiator repair shop all over Thailand. Secondly Aluminium radiator, we provide both aluminium radiator core and a complete aluminium radiator.

CPS Corrugate Fin Radiator

CPS corrugate fin radiator core

Corrugate fin radiator core sample

CPS Flat Fin Radiator

CPS flat fin radiator core

Flat fin radiator core sample