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Chonprasit Group

Welcome everybody to CHONPRASIT GROUP CO., LTD. The company was expertise in repair automotive radiators for more than 50 years and in 1983's the radiator manufacture factory was build to create the quality radiator to support the aftermarket sector all over Thailand. Since that time we can guarantee that you will get the best quality radiator, oil cooler and intercooler.

Let me tell you a little bit about our company. We are manufacturer and distributor of automotive radiator core, tractor radiator core, generator radiator, and also made to order radiator of any size. You can see the rest of our product from the list bellow.

Our Products:

Radiator (Copper, Brass and Aluminium) (Brand CPS,LMC)
Corrugated Fin Type For all kind of materials (Brand CPS,LMC)
Flat Fin Type For Only Copper and Brass (Brand CPS,LMC)
Oilcooler (Brass Oli cooler, Aluminium Oil cooler) (Brand CPS)
Intercooler (Aluminium inter cooler) (Brand CPS)
Evaporator (Brand ALEX)
Condenser (Brand ALEX)

Our Time line:

1953 - Generation 1st Start business with a small radiator repair shop, name "Chonprasit radiator" in Chonburi, Thailand.
1967 - Generation 1st Open a new branch as a radiator repair shop on a rented land, on Sukumvit Road, Chonburi, Thailand.
1977 - Generation 2nd Buy the land for the current radiator repair shop and change shop name to "Chonprasit radiator 2 part., Limited.".
1983 - Generation 2nd Build a copper and brass radiator manufacturing factory in Chonburi, Thailand.
1990 - Generation 2nd Move to a larger place to build a factory for copper and brass radiator manufacturing factory, name "C.C.R. Part., Limited." on Bypass Road, Chonburi, Thailand.
1994 - Generation 2nd Build a second factory. This factory is for manufacturing Aluminium Products such as aluminium condenser and aluminium evaporator, name "Sam T. Industrial Co., Ltd." in Chonburi, Thailand.
2000 - Generation 2nd Start to manufacture aluminium radiator, aluminium oil cooler, aluminium intercooler.
2008 - Introducing made to order water/air cooler and air/oil cooler.
2012 - C.C.R. Part., Limited. change name to Chonprasit Group Co., Ltd.

Chonprasit Group & Partner

Chonprasit Group Co., Ltd.

The Head quarter of Chonprasit Group Chain. Mainly manufacutres radiator and oil cooler made from copper and brass, and have a radiator repair shop service.

Sam T. Industrial Co., Ltd.

This factory manufactures all sort of Aluminium product such as Radiator, Intercooler, Oil cooler, Air cooler, Evaporator, Condenser and Water/Air cooler