The Introduction

So in case you were wondering what this is all about ...

Chonprasit Group - car truck and engine radiator-oilcooler-intercooler manufacture, custom-made and repair
Best Quality - Good Price - Fast Delivery

We are specialised in manufacturing and repair any kind and any size of radiators to support mainly the aftermarket sector, both domestic market(Thailand) and international(Asia).

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The Details

Chonprasit Group Services & Products


A variety choice of service provided. Such as clean & wash Radiator - Intercooler - Oil cooler, repair just leaking part on radiator or oil cooler and do a leak test for Radiator - Intercooler - Oil cooler.

Replace core, Reuse Tanks

Just change radiator core,change intercooler core or change oil cooler core and keep using the original tanks (top and bottom cover). This is help to make a cheaper price and faster manufacturing process


Expertise in made to order Radiator - Intercooler - Oil cooler, as you provide us drawing or sample. All the work will be done within 15 days. We start from just one piece of order

Long Term Usage

Manufacture radiator, oil cooler and intercooler from a best quality materials in the market. Radiator from copper, Brass(inside&outside coated for longer usage time) and Aluminium. Oil cooler from Brass and Aluminium. Intercooler from Aluminium.

One Stop Service

Providing a complete heat exchange product. So you can just order everthing from us and we make it as one piece, ready to install to your vehicle or engine. Such as Intercooler attache with Radiator or Oil cooler attach with Intercooler and then attach to Radiator.

100% Leak Test

All product that will leave our factory will be tested 100%, no random test. We do leak test for all product with suitable pressure for each product.

Chonprasit Group & Partner

Chonprasit Group Co., Ltd.

The Head quarter of Chonprasit Group Chain. Mainly manufacutres radiator and oil cooler made from copper and brass, and have a radiator repair shop service.

Sam T. Industrial Co., Ltd.

This factory manufactures all sort of Aluminium product such as Radiator, Intercooler, Oil cooler, Air cooler, Evaporator, Condenser and Water/Air cooler